About the CTPCA

A physician owned and operated IPA focused on patient care.

About the CTPCA

Central Texas Primary Care Alliance (CTPCA) is a newly formed IPA comprised of independent, general pediatricians and family medicine providers from all geographic locations in Central Texas. The primary goal of our IPA is to enhance the delivery of the high quality of care that we already provide while utilizing innovative ways to control the cost of providing that care.

Stronger Together

CTPCA is a physician owned and operated IPA with 70-plus pediatric providers. The participating physicians have been delivering high quality, pediatric and family medicine care to Central Texas for many years and have been recognized by their peers in publications such as Austin Monthly and Texas Monthly. The participating providers are all independent, private practices that are not owned or operated by any hospital system.

Improved Quality

The physicians of CTPCA have extensive experience with quality measures in the practice of medicine. Many of our members have served on multiple peer-review committees and have faculty appointments from various medical schools. This combination of clinical experience, academic achievement, and experience with physician peer review will enable the IPA to maintain a very high standard of quality metric analysis. CTPCA is focused on helping their patients continue to receive higher quality care that they expect, but at a lower cost throughout the healthcare continuum. Our executive board and quality-metrics committee will meet on a regular basis to ensure that all of our providers have the tools they need to provide excellent, cost-efficient care.
The Central Texas Primary Care Alliance (CTPCA) is a group of like-minded primary care physicians and providers that work together to improve the health of children and families.


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